The Book of Joby

The Book of Joby The Book of Joby is an epic fantasy complete in one volume Lucifer and the Creator have entered yet again into a wager they ve made many times before but this time the existence of creation itself

  • Title: The Book of Joby
  • Author: Mark J. Ferrari
  • ISBN: 9780765317537
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Book of Joby is an epic fantasy complete in one volume.Lucifer and the Creator have entered, yet again, into a wager they ve made many times before, but this time, the existence of creation itself is balanced on the outcome Born in California during the twilight years of a weary millennium, nine year old Joby Peterson dreams of blazing like a bonfire against the gatheThe Book of Joby is an epic fantasy complete in one volume.Lucifer and the Creator have entered, yet again, into a wager they ve made many times before, but this time, the existence of creation itself is balanced on the outcome Born in California during the twilight years of a weary millennium, nine year old Joby Peterson dreams of blazing like a bonfire against the gathering darkness of his times, like a knight of the Round Table Instead, he is subjected to a life of crippling self doubt and relentless mediocrity inflicted by an enemy he did nothing to earn and cannot begin to comprehend.Though imperiled themselves, the angels are forbidden to intervene Left to struggle with their own loyalties and the question of obedience, they watch Lucifer work virtually unhindered to turn Joby s heart of gold into ash and stone while God sits by, seemingly unconcerned.And so when he is grown to manhood, Joby s once luminous love of life seems altogether lost, and Lucifer s victory assured What hope remains lies hidden in the beauty, warmth, and innocence of a forgotten seaside village whose odd inhabitants seem to defy the modern world s most inflexible assumptions, and in the hearts of Joby s long lost youthful love and her emotionally wounded son But the ravenous forces of destruction that follow Joby into this concealed paradise plan to use these same things to bring him and his world to ruin.As the final struggle unfolds, one question occupies every mind in heaven and in hell Which will prove stronger, love or rage The Book of Joby is an instant classic of contemporary fantasy.

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      Mark J. Ferrari Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Book of Joby book, this is one of the most wanted Mark J. Ferrari author readers around the world.

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    • What an entertaining read! The basic premise of the book is that God and the Devil make a wager ("the same stupid bet") at which a little boy named Joby is the center. This time, however, the stakes are higher. Ferrarri tells Joby's story from about age 9 until 40. It is a long book. Yet, while not a particularly difficult read, it is one of my favorites. The reason I gave it four stars and not five is that the ending was a little uneven for me; there was such a dramatic and emotional trajectory [...]

    • An illustrator turned writer's first novel and a very good one. God and Lucifer make a wager over a young boy's life (Joby). Laced heavily with Christian and Arthurian themes, this is an intelligent novel. Not that you need to be intelligent to read it (the book is extremely accessable), but the ideas are mature and more developed than I'd expected. Not your typical cheesy fantasy novel at all. Its not a Christian novel, but if you've been trying the Jesus lifestyle, you'll wonder when you read [...]

    • Beyond the premise, I thought this book would not hit people over the head with much more religious imagery. But it does and it's done so poorly. God and Lucifer make another pact over Joby's ability to fulfill his duty as a part-time child in the real world and a knight in Camelot. The format was weird. The book is basically: the devil sets a trap, Joby avoids it - rinse, repeat.I didn't like this book and it was not memorable.

    • Loved this book! This story brought Job from the Bible to life for me! I was able to relate and connect and found the story relatively accurate to the story in the Bible. I recomend this to new Christians who are trying to read the Bible but just haven't been able to stick to it. This story will help you connect and relate and create a fire inside of you to read the Bible to see if this story is true.

    • I've had my sights set on this one for quite some time. The premise seemed like something I would absolutely adore. It just took me way too long to get past the half-way mark. Once Joby grows up, I found the whole thing just kinda stalled altogether. I kept getting restless, putting the book down to read something else. After awhile I realized the desire to finish just wasn't there. So I officially cry uncle. I'm out. I didn't hate this book (so no one star), and I'm feeling too ambivalent to gi [...]

    • yes,I read this.I cried.The writing was terrible.Imagination uselessain,I cried.was reminded of somethingO! how poorly written,O! how poorly realized.Every time I hear M. Ward's Post-War,I think of Joby.what am I to do, the moon was full.I think.

    • I love this book. I love, love, love this book. Why haven't you read this book yet??? Stop whatever you are doing and read this book right now! I'm not going to lie, I'm really upset that you're still reading this review and not reading the book like I told you that you should. This is one of my all-time, most-favorite books of all time. Okay, so that was a bit redundant, but I feel like I can't recommend this book enough. I suppose, it should come with a few warnings though. The first warning i [...]

    • Now this was a surprise. At first, when I picked "The Book of Joby" up and started to read I made the assumption that it was religious. It was to my great delight that I discovered, after putting it down and picking it up again, that it's no more religious than it is magical. I saw the light, and was pleased.Mark J. Ferrari's debut novel rocks. This beautifully written, character-driven novel weaves a story about one young boy, who grows into a confused and dismayed man, at the nexus of a bet [...]

    • As a literature major in college, I am intensely passionate about reading. As a liberal agnostic, I don't generally find preachy books to be good. Thankfully, the Book of Joby was NOT preachy.This was one of the best novels I have ever readd I have read many, many novels. I found myself weeping overly at parts, and at other parts, laughing uncontrollably. It was an intensely emotion- and thought-provoking novel. God and Lucifer make a wager they've made before, and now, all of existence is at st [...]

    • After spending so much time with it and feeling so invested in the main character's tribulations, I really hate to give this book less than 4 stars. But in the end, I found its flaws outweighed its flashes of occasional brilliance and inventiveness. Overlong, and in dire need of a strong editor to help this talented first-time author tighten the plotlines and rid the dialog of some of its stiltedness. I sometimes had to wonder what decade the characters were supposed to be living in - even the o [...]

    • I love Arthurian loreways have, it started in High school when I read all of theseThe Crystal Cave and then went onto theseTaliesin. And then I had a really cool english teacher in whose classroom we would just watch movies and then have tests, there I fell in love with Camelot.When you combine Arthur, Gwen AND Lancelot in a book, along with God Lucifer "the wager" of Job, demons and Angelswell ya never know just what you might get. When God and Lucifer bet it all ( yet again ) on the shoulders [...]

    • From: BarronWildernessGod and Lucifer once again enter into a bet in which the devil tries to sway a pure soul to join him. Their “contender” is Joby Peterson, a boy who must grow up with all the forces of hell bent on corrupting him.* The Book of Joby is a sweeping first novel, that covers everything from The Bible to Arthurian legends to flaws in the public school system. * The cast of characters includes demons, angels, wizards and school children. While some of the protagonists can be a [...]

    • King Arthur meets the Book of Job - in a nine year old boy. By the author formerly known as the artist Mark Ferrari. (In case you don't know, the premise of the Book of Job is that Satan challenges God that the apparently pious Job, if stripped of his prosperity and his children, would turn against God.)It's a very well-written book. The Arthurian connection is fun, the characters are believable and engaging, and I enjoyed both the Creator character and the bickering, backstabbing, and ineptness [...]

    • This book, despite it being a little long, is a really great read. There's a hefty dose of Arthurian legend and Biblical principles, as well as modern controversial beliefs. What's great about this book is how it all boils down to what I believe is the basic tenet of life:being good.The book spans the life of Joby Peterson, the unknowing participant in a bet between God and Lucifer. As a child, Joby idolizes Arthur and the Roundtable and aspires to be just like him. As he grows, Lucifer's influe [...]

    • This wasn't the epic fantasy that I was expecting, as the jacket copy stated. The age-old wager between God and Lucifer begins again, this time with a young boy named Joby. The book is a detailed chronicle of Joby's life, and the hardships he faces. That's about it.I felt like I was being banged on the head over and over again with the idea that all people face hardships - not all brought about by the Devil - but that God is always there for us if we just ask for Him and his heavenly helpers. Af [...]

    • This was sooo much fun. The premise was promising (God and Lucifer making a wager which could lead to the destruction of the entire creation), the execution brilliant: We experience the trials and tribulations of a normal child (later teenager, and grown man) who is the subject of a tug-of-war between Good and Evil. Joby is one of the most likeable, sympathetic characters I've ever encountered - I found myself rooting for him from the very beginning, and feeling wretchedly sorry for him when thi [...]

    • This is honestly one of the best pieces of Young Adult fantasy that you can get your hands on. I feel like many YA fantasy novels are either cliche, trite, badly written or just plain un-relateable and this book is none of that. I haven't read this for many many years, now, but it sticks with me to this day and I plan to give it a re-read, eventually.A lot of the other reviews cover just about everything about this book, but I would just like to add one thing. This is not a "Christian" book. Thi [...]

    • Wow. What a ride. This is a book just bursting with every element of what an epic fantasy should be.First of all, this was a long book, but that didn't daunt me. If you feel intimidated by its length, just imagine it as a trilogy all bound together in one book.There were so many layers to this book that I've no doubt I'll need to reread it. Yes, it mirrors the book of Job, but not in a "conservative fundamental" way, which hooked me right from the prologue. The author also draws heavily on the l [...]

    • I totally enjoyed this book. It was quite entertaining, not the typical book I would pick up to read, but sure glad I did! The story begins with the age old wager between God and Lucifer. The object of their wager is a young boy named Joby. It has angels, demons, magic, love, mild violence and fantasy. I would rate it 4.5 stars if I could. This is one I will read again just to be sure I did not miss anything the first time.

    • Forget the hundred monkey and their typewriters. A senile ferret on crack could, whilst having apoplectic fits on a keyboard, come up with more compelling material than this. But that would be cruelty to animals; PETA would be after you if you did that. Too bad there's no such thing as cruelty to readers because this book is rank abuse. Someone seriously needs to douse Mr. Ferrari with printer ink.

    • What an incredible and epic first novel Mark Ferrari has written. An imaginative modern retelling of the story of Job from the Bible sprinkled with some of the magic that was Camelot. The starting point of this fantasy is a wager between God and Lucifer with the world as we know it at stake. A must read!

    • Absolutely delightful in the end. Throughout the majority I couldn't decide whether this is the world I often feel like I live in or the one I wish I did. In the end, I still don't know. I am very glad I read it, though.

    • This book preplexed me,delighted me and offeded me. It will raises some interesting questions. Take you to another world and cause you to wonder just where the writer is coming from. If you really enjoyed this book I would Highly recomend Stephen Lawhead.

    • I thought maybe it was a Christian author, but it's definitely more fantasy than Christian fiction, but a great take on the story of Job anyway. Lucifer and the Creator have entered, yet again, into a wager they've made many times before, but this time, the existence of creation itself is balanced on the outcome. Born in California during the twilight years of a weary millennium, nine year old Joby Peterson dreams of blazing like a bonfire against the gathering darkness of his times, like a knig [...]

    • Overall impression when I finished: Pleasantly surprised but not overly wowed. I briefly read an interview with the author. To quote from it, Mr. Ferrari said, “…the book is not, in fact, about Christianity to begin with, only set in it.” That surprised me! He sums up his themes as thus: (1) “The assumption most of us in America are taught from the cradle on that there is some reliable cause and effect relationship between what we do and what we get As we grow up, however, this reassurin [...]

    • So slow! It was an interesting and enjoyable read, to a point, and I often read large books of this scale. However The plot dragged on so slowly I became less and less interested and started skimming more, 3 stars because it didn't quite make it to the level I thought it would.

    • New favorite Excellent book . I was pulled in immediately and never let go right up until the end .Definitely one of my new favorite books .

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