Love Actually

Love Actually Love Actually is the highly awaited new screenplay and directorial debut from phenomenally popular screenwriter Richard Curtis Weaving together the stories of ten couples the movie is as real as our

  • Title: Love Actually
  • Author: Richard Curtis
  • ISBN: 9780312318499
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love Actually is the highly awaited new screenplay and directorial debut from phenomenally popular screenwriter Richard Curtis Weaving together the stories of ten couples, the movie is as real as our own lives, and as funny, wise, and poignant as only Richard Curtis Four Weddings and a Funeral could create.Set in contemporary London just before Christmas, the cast incluLove Actually is the highly awaited new screenplay and directorial debut from phenomenally popular screenwriter Richard Curtis Weaving together the stories of ten couples, the movie is as real as our own lives, and as funny, wise, and poignant as only Richard Curtis Four Weddings and a Funeral could create.Set in contemporary London just before Christmas, the cast includes a lovelorn Prime Minister, an aging rock star, a sexually ambitious assistant, a newly widowed stepfather, a beautiful housekeeper, a straying husband, and other characters entangled in the silly, sloppy, sexy, sweet business of finding love The film s stellar actors include Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, and others.Introduced by Richard Curtis, the book features the full screenplay plus outtakes, behind the scenes snapshots, and With marvelous full color photographs throughout, this smart, funny, romantic book is a valentine for anyone who still believes that despite the madness and uncertainty of modern life, love actually is all around.

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    • Richard Curtis

      Richard Whalley Anthony Curtis, CBE.Graduate of Harrow School, and subsequently Christ Church, University of Oxford.Academy Award nominee and recipient of Emmy and BAFTA awards for screenwriting He is also a director and producer In 2007, he became a Fellow of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts BAFTA.

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    • Cute and super short (only later i realized that this is an educational novel for ESL readers, not the actual screenplay for the movie) Loved the movie and this is basically a short retelling of it in simple English

    • I enjoyed this story as I did "Bridget Jones's Diary." There are lots of character's names you have to memorize but it is not so hard. There are also lots of love stories going on and they are some connections with each other. I like a story of Jamie and Aurelia the best.

    • Before I saw the movie, I read this script book. It's dialogue is unpredictably fresh. You get ten cases of love simultaneously --all worth knowing.

    • An epic, truly Masterpiece romantic script &MovieRichard Curtis the script writter, also the director of this truly mesmerizing piece of art, had done his job as it should be,,, the paralleledstories of different kinds of ppl, with different motives to love & beloved from the PM of England who fell in love with asimple "FAT""Just Meditate" maid in his office in 10 Downing Street,,,to the kid who just had the same feeling towards his colleague who was about to travel to the US leaving him [...]

    • Libro leído para las clases de inglés y leído en un día. Muy facilito de leer y que me ha hecho recordar a la película que hace mucho que no revisiono y me ha dado muchísimas ganas.Una lectura divertida y tierna que recomiendo.

    • This is the best favorite film for me. I'm so glad to finish reading this book in English. When I read it, I can always imagine the scene of this film. I love it and I want to read it again and again.

    • I actually saw the movie first before reading this.I prefer the movie than this. But this is still a good read :)

    • Love Actually, written and directed by Richard Curtis Just consider the cast:Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, Martin Freeman, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Keira Knightley, Bill Nighy, Laura Linney, Alan Rickman, Billy Bob Thornton, Rowan Atkinson and more.All the actors aforementioned are leading role stars.Indeed, there are interconnected stories in Love Actually that all have about the same weight in the mosaic.The point is plainly expressed in the introductory scene where the voice o [...]

    • loveactually is one of my most favorite films as I watch it at least once every year of course in Christmas season. I feel heart-warmed and cry with happy tears every time. Anyway I LOVE this script!!Above is the reason why I decided to read the book. This is from Penguin Readers which are graded readers. Thus it’s very short and easy to finish it all without looking up the words in a dictionary. It’s very for extensive readings though it depends on what level you are.This script has various [...]

    • “Love actually “is the title of my book. The book was written by: Richard Curtis He also writes a famous book: Notting Hill. There are eight loves in this story with a lot of palpitating and random attracts the readers.The new Prime Minister of England – David is my favorite character. . Because he is a good man always try to do his best for the country. But in his life, politics are not all; he also has something to care. That’s Natalie his receptionist, his love. Or Mark – a talented [...]

    • This book was a gift from my grandmother. I didn't know there was a book about it until I get it and I haven't seen the movie yet, so I started it without great expectations. It was surprisingly good. In Love Actually, many love stories are tangled together. There are a lot of characters, but it's not difficult to remember who is who, since the narration involving every single one of them is short and recurrent.I love when different stories are presented at the beginning of a book and they are b [...]

    • I am so obsessed with this film! I adore the characters, the jokes, everything!During my 2nd year of my degree, I took a Screen Adaptation module and bought this book to help me with the module.I used the book by reading the script alongside watching the film, helping me to understand the relationship of scripts and screens.My viewing experience was so much better with the book! The diagrams really helped me understand locations and costumes, it was all so perfect together.P.S… I got a first f [...]

    • Ugh I had to read this book for school and I really had a hard time finishing it. Why? Nope, the vocabulary wasn't complicated, neither was the story. It was just painfully boring to read. There, I said it. At first, everyone and every couple in the story is a mess, and at the end, everyone gets together and end up with the person they love. Shocker.

    • I started reading the swedish translation of the novel based on this film (written by Philip O'Connor) but the translation or the book adaption took away all of the feeling from the film (or what the dialogue book would bring) and it only felt like a cheesy, cheap novel made for some book club.(well what could I expect without Hugh Grant)

    • I read this around christmas and it was a nice read. The idea of a few love stories mixed and bonded is great! The way the book is written on the other hand it is not bad but simply a read that doesn't take you with it. I could not identify with many characters and two of the stories were not as funny or interesting to me as they probably were intended to be.

    • Cuatro estrellas por la época en que lo leí y porque no vi la película antes (aunque parezca que no, la idea sin llevarla a la pantalla estuvo muy bien). Típica historia navideña 'happy-ending', sin más, que te enternece si te dejas llevar un poco y más si lo coges en un momento de flojera como yo.

    • Whenever I am in a bad mood, I pick this screenplay book up again. I love Richard Curtis's forward and the interviews on love in the back with actors in the film. It's right up there with the movie, in my opinion, so if you are a fan of the film, get this book!

    • Karl: "But for now, let me say - without hope or agenda, just because it’s Christmas and at Christmas you tell the truth — to me, you are perfect. And my wasted heart will love you. Until you look like this."

    • I like this book. It really makes sense because his book is about love between four men and four women. It reminded me of the movie, Love Actually. I really liked the movie but this book wasn't as interesting as the movie.

    • อ่านช่วงคริสต์มาสค้างไว้ แล้วปรากฏว่าลุงอลันเสีย กลับมานั่งอ่านตอนนั้นน้ำตาหยดแหมะๆ ที่ดู Love Actually ก็เพราะลุงอลันนีแหละ เศร้ามาก ต่อจากนี้คงดูหนังเรื่องนี้ด้วยความรู้สึกไม่เหม [...]

    • The only version I could find was a script book. It was not something I enjoyed reading. The movie is one of my favorites and I was hoping to get to know the characters more by reading the book so I'm a little disappointed that I wasn't able to.

    • I am a huge fan of the movie Love Actually. No Christmas is complete without seeing it at least once in December. Being the huge fan that I am, I bought this screenplay. It such a nice and wonderful addition to any movie collection.

    • I read a copy for English learners , the script is interesting & some times unpredictable , I like it , light & lovely

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