Living Oprah: My One-Year Experiment to Live as TV's Most Influential Guru Advises

Living Oprah My One Year Experiment to Live as TV s Most Influential Guru Advises What happens when a thirty five year old average American woman spends one year following every piece of Oprah Winfrey s advice on how to live your best life Robyn Okrant devoted to adhering to a

  • Title: Living Oprah: My One-Year Experiment to Live as TV's Most Influential Guru Advises
  • Author: Robyn Okrant
  • ISBN: 9781599952390
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What happens when a thirty five year old average American woman spends one year following every piece of Oprah Winfrey s advice on how to live your best life Robyn Okrant devoted 2008 to adhering to all of Oprah s suggestions and guidance delivered via her television show, her Web site, and her magazine LIVING OPRAH is a month by month account of that year.Some of theWhat happens when a thirty five year old average American woman spends one year following every piece of Oprah Winfrey s advice on how to live your best life Robyn Okrant devoted 2008 to adhering to all of Oprah s suggestions and guidance delivered via her television show, her Web site, and her magazine LIVING OPRAH is a month by month account of that year.Some of the challenges included enrollment in Oprah s Best Life Challenge for physical fitness and weight control, living vegan, and participating in Oprah s Book Club After 365 days of LIVING OPRAH, Okrant reflects on the rewards won and lessons learned as well as the tolls exacted by the experiment.

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      Robyn Okrant Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Living Oprah: My One-Year Experiment to Live as TV's Most Influential Guru Advises book, this is one of the most wanted Robyn Okrant author readers around the world.

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    • Living Oprah is Robyn Okrant's account of how she spent one year conscientiously following the advice Oprah dishes out to millions of women across America.If Oprah said to read a book or watch a film, Robyn did it. If she advised de-cluttering, new make-up tips or relationship work, Robyn was on-board.For the most part, I enjoyed this quirky book, but I also found it to be slightly repetitive- similar to what Robyn found following Oprah to be after a few months.She starts out with high hopes: "C [...]

    • Okay here goes a really harsh reviewI did not understand the purpose of this one-year experiment. After finishing the book, I did not gain any insights into anything. At least Oprah wants viewers to have a better life etc. What was this book for us readers? What am I to get out of this reading experience?The author just went through all the advice from Oprah without giving much thought to the purpose of each advice. She would kiss her husband for ten seconds because she was told to. Without even [...]

    • I really wanted to like this book, but it just seemed forced and unexciting to me. She seemed to complain through the whole book, as if she forgot that it was her idea in the first place to come up with a gimmick that lead to a book deal.poor thing. This book just wasn't for me.

    • This book was kind of a disappointment in a few ways. I was completely truned off by the auhor's writing style: it reads like a reality TV show-version of someone's diary; i reads like she's listing her daily activities month-to-month watching from a distance rather than actually experiencing them herself. Werid. I expected that the author would have learned SOMETHING, provide the reader with some insight that she developed in doing this project, but she doesn't allow herself to go there and it' [...]

    • I bought this book for $1 at the Dollar Tree. Score!I don't remember hearing about Robyn Okrant's life experiment in 2008 when she was actually living Oprah. In fact, I don't recall having ever heard about Okrant's experiment or the book she wrote about it. So I came to this memoir with no preconceived notions. (That happens so seldom, but I love it when it does.)So for any other latecomers to this book, the premise is that for an entire calendar year, whenever Oprah said her audience needed to [...]

    • I was excited to read this book. BUT, to enjoy this book you have to get over the ridiculous premise: the fact that she acts as though Oprah really wants everyone to do and buy every single thing she says. I realize Oprah has a lot of power but it's not like it's a cult. Anyone with a half a brain could realize that any woman's magazine or show has the same message of, "Buy this! Do this to make your marriage better!" Oprah is the giant of them all, but they all do it. Everyone SHOULD know at th [...]

    • I wasn't necessarily expecting to like Living Oprah as much as I did. I hadn't followed the blow and picked up the book because I'd heard about it and it sounded intriguing. Okrant sets out to follow every rule that Oprah specifically says is a "must," and charts exactly how much time and money she spends each month on everything from exercising, reading O magazine, buying new items for her home, seeing movies and reading. Simply seeing the sheer number of things Oprah wants her viewers to try i [...]

    • A few weeks ago a friend mailed a copy of Living Oprah to me. One day I must ask her why she thought I needed to read it.It took a while for me to get around to reading it. The whole premise of the book actually put me off.Why oh why would anyone want to live by every piece of advice issued on the Oprah show for a year?I have to admit to skipping over the monthly accounting most of the time. I just got bored with those pages.Socially it is possibly a good experiment – not one I would EVER like [...]

    • I felt a little disappointed with Living Oprah. Primarily because I was in the mood to read a really funny book and I thought this looked like it would be good for some laughs. Although, I'm not quite sure where that idea came from. Just as assumption I guess. I picured myself belly laughing at how hysterical it would be for someone to try to follow EVERY single piece of advice that Oprah dished out for an entire year. Granted I got a couple of giggles out of the book.just no belly laughs. My se [...]

    • When Robyn Okrant decides to "Live Oprah--" follow everything the queen of the talk show circuit dictates for one year -- she's not sure how her life will change. The book follows her through a full 12 months of living Oprah -- following her advice, eating her recommended recipes, buying what she says we all "must have," and even attempting to feel as Oprah dictates we should feel.Okrant's discovery is that the more she steps away from her own thoughts and feelings about what her "best life" rea [...]

    • Living in Chicago, Robyn Okrant is accustomed to hearing a lot about the city’s biggest celebrity, Oprah Winfrey. Many love her, many hate her, she notices. Why? And how has she retained such influence over working and middle classes, especially as she has experienced such a massive amount of material success? And another thing—Oprah Winfrey is always advocating behaviors and knowledge that will help us “live our best lives”. What does this Best Life look like, and will it truly be our B [...]

    • I'd give this 3.5 stars if it were possible.While I loved the concept and found it fascinating, I didn't like the voice and the repetition as much. It was still an interesting look at an extreme project--the author followed all advice on Oprah's show, website, and magazine for an entire year.At times I found it a bit ridiculous for her to go into debt by buying everything Oprah recommends, including a fire pit that had to be stashed on her porch since she had no room for it. But I get that was t [...]

    • So I heard an interview with Robyn Okrant on CBC Radio and later saw this at Chapters for 2$ and got it. And then a while later I read it because the shape of the book is pretty unappealing. Anyways, it was pretty meh. I was hoping for something more like The Year of Living Biblically, which I loved, but there wasn't much depth to this experiment. She details doing all the things Oprah tells her seemingly at random, but she only occasionally gives some thought to why she's doing the things. Most [...]

    • Living Oprah is the story of a woman who follows all the advice Oprah gives via her show or magazine in 2008. I have never been a rabid Oprah fan, but I would catch her show sometimes that year before class because I was going to law school at night, so I actually remembered some of these episodes (like the one on home cleanliness where Oprah says she has her sheets changed every other day). Although this book had the opportunity to explore how contradictory and useless daytime television advice [...]

    • I had a love/hate relationship with this book. I feel as though this "task" of "Living Oprah" could have been far better executed by someone else, namely me. :) I loved the idea behind the book but felt it was annihilated (maybe too strong of a word) by the author. She grumbled and moaned her way through the project. Seriously very annoying to the reader. I kept wanting to shout "Did you not sign up for this project?" And her ultimate conclusion after having finished the project was so very pred [...]

    • I have always wondered about the power which Oprah wields and this book tapped in to all my questions - although I am not sure I know the answer and i found myself questioning the author's motives for tackling the project in the first place, although she assures her readers it was an experiment, not originally to sell a book.This book would be a great choice for a reading group as it raised a lot of issues. I found myself talking about it to anyone who would listen, and I think my husband got a [...]

    • Interesting and a little crazy. It just reaffirms what I think about people like Oprah, Martha Stewart, Fly Lady! They offer so much info, ideas, everything because they are reaching out to EVERYBody. We can't take it all as gospel. But we can just discover nuggets that peak our interest or inspire us and try those out. My viewpoint on this also helps me not feel overwhelmed that I am not keeping up with ALL the "ideas" out there. That would just be too hard. Hence, why Pinterest scares me a bit [...]

    • If you know me, you know I'm an Oprah fan. This book about a woman who spent one year following Oprah's "live your best life" advice sounded like a fun read. Instead, I spent about 15 minutes skimming it and had enough. A book like this needs to be funny and introspective. I didn't get either. What stood out was a tedious accounting of hours spent doing x, y, and z. Admittedly, I didn't give it much of a chance.

    • For anyone interested in "all things Oprah," this is a book for you. I loved the fact that this author was not a huge Oprah fan at the start of her project, but after watching the show for one year straight and following all of Oprah's advice she began to see Oprah in a different light. I appreciated the Oprah references and stories, as I am familiar with most all of her shows and topics. A quick, fun read!

    • Entertaining, fun, fast-paced read. I'd like to have coffee with Robyn - probably more than I'd like to have coffee with Oprah herself!

    • I’m an Oprah kid. Kind of. I didn’t understand much – if any – of her show when it first started its dizzying ascension in the late 80s, early 90s, but I watched most of them. Actually, no; I watched my family watch the show and then have heated debates about whatever the lady with the sometimes alarmingly big hair had to say. It fascinated me how she was able to engender such heated discussion in my very own, usually much quieter living room. And so, as I grew older and my powers of und [...]

    • The author drew me in to her odd experiment. Was interesting to read given the "must do this" culture in which we live. Found myself wondering if leopard print flats are out of fashion now or if I should run out and get some.

    • 3.5 ⭐️; Audiobook. Overall, I found the concept of "Living Oprah" interesting and think that I would have appreciated the book more if I had read it during The peak of the Oprah show.

    • Living Oprah by Robyn OkrantI never would have thought I’d be found reading a book with Oprah’s name in the title. I tend to avoid even the Oprah book club selections, not because I have anything personally against her, but because it doesn't seem right that anyone should have as much influence over people’s lives as she has now. I don’t think we should give that much control to anybody so I’ve shied away from getting too involved. Also, like a lot of other people, book hype pushes me [...]

    • Oh dear, what can I say about this book that crashed my high expectations? I saw this on a to-read list of a friend on GoodReads, and it immediately appealed to me. I love experiment books. I love Oprah. A combination could only be the high spot of reading, no? I expected funny. I expected witty. I expected a light, entertaining read that would tickle me.I didn't get that. Okrant did, indeed, watch every Oprah show for a year. She did, indeed, read every episode of O magazine. And she attempted [...]

    • This book was enjoyable as I was reading, but by the end, it kind of faltered for me and felt as if the book were rushed to publication as soon as the year-long-blog-project ended rather than giving a decent post-January-1 wrap up. The book pretty much ends on January 3rd, with the author sitting down to write the book. Self referential much? Now, don't get me wrong, I really did enjoy reading this book - as in at times actually cracked smiles while reading and kept eagerly turning the pages. Bu [...]

    • From My BlogLiving Oprah by Robyn Okrant is no ordinary book, especially not for me. Let me explain a little so one can understand the difficulties I perceived that I faced (before realizing this was more a sociological study). I went into this reading this book hesitantly, as I am not an Oprah watcher. I did see some shows early in the 90s and since 2002, I watched exactly two episodes: Bra fitting and jean fitting, to be specific. I am neither a fan nor a critic of Oprah, I believe she empower [...]

    • I picked this book up at the library as I was passing through earlier this week. I wouldn't call myself an Oprah fan, but I used to watch her show for a couple years when my older child was an infant and I was looking for ways to pass the time at home with her. Now that I have two kids and no time during the day to watch TV, Oprah - and other daytime TV - is a thing of the past for me. But the premise of the book - a year-long experiment to follow the advice and guidance of Oprah and her experts [...]

    • I have a bit of an odd relationship with Oprah (no, I don’t have a “real” relationship with the O at all, but I think most women feel kind of like they know her, just by virtue of her ubiquity on the TV). I don’t agree with her on a lot, yet I’m often pulled in by her show topics. I suppose I should make that past-tense, since her show has ended, and I haven’t followed her over to her new channel. Still. When I saw Living Oprah: My One-Year Experiment to Walk the Walk of the Queen of [...]

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