Robert E. Lee's Orderly: A Modern Black Man's Confederate Journey

Robert E Lee s Orderly A Modern Black Man s Confederate Journey A descendant of Nathan Bedford Forrest s slaves Al Arnold tells his journey of embracing his Confederate heritage His ancestor Turner Hall Jr a Black Confederate served as a body servant for two

  • Title: Robert E. Lee's Orderly: A Modern Black Man's Confederate Journey
  • Author: AlArnold
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  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A descendant of Nathan Bedford Forrest s slaves, Al Arnold, tells his journey of embracing his Confederate heritage His ancestor, Turner Hall, Jr a Black Confederate, served as a body servant for two Confederate soldiers and an orderly for Gen Robert E Lee Turner Hall, Jr was celebrated by Blacks and Whites in his community Hall attended the last Civil War reu A descendant of Nathan Bedford Forrest s slaves, Al Arnold, tells his journey of embracing his Confederate heritage His ancestor, Turner Hall, Jr a Black Confederate, served as a body servant for two Confederate soldiers and an orderly for Gen Robert E Lee Turner Hall, Jr was celebrated by Blacks and Whites in his community Hall attended the last Civil War reunion at Gettysburg in 1938 He was interviewed by the national talk radio show, We, The People This is a personal journey of faith, heritage, race and family wrapped around the grace of God through the eyes and honest thoughts of a modern Black man Arnold argues for African Americans to embrace Confederate heritage to capture the enriched Black history of the Civil War era He bestows dignity and honor on his Confederate ancestor and challenges the traditional thoughts of modern African Americans Arnold rests in his faith as the uniting force that reconciles our colorful past to our bright future.

    Robert E Lee Biography, Facts, Quotes https britannica biography Robert E Lee Robert E Lee, in full Robert Edward Lee, born January , , Stratford, Westland county, Virginia, U.S died October , , Lexington, Virginia , Confederate general, commander of the Army Robert E Lee https en.mpedia wiki Robert_E._Lee Dec , Robert E Lee was a general who led the Confederate States military during the Civil War Robert E Lee Day is celebrated on his birthday in some states. Robert E Lee Role in Civil War Britannicahttps britannica biography Robert E Lee Role in Civil War Robert E Lee Robert E Lee Role in Civil War As commander in chief of Virginia s forces, Lee saw it as his first task to concentrate troops, armaments, and equipment at major points where the invasion might

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    • I highly commend Al Arnold on his historical memoir. He writes about one of the most famous African American Confederate participants of the Civil War, his very own ancestor, Turner Hall, Jr. Arnold uses his own recollections of stories passed down through the generations along with photos to instill in today's Southerners, especially those of African American descent, that they should be proud of their Confederate heritage, because their ancestors earned it. He stresses that through Christ, Afr [...]

    • History, and the importance of its value in our society today, some would say, hasn't a place, isn't relevant, or is pure lies based on an author's imagination. Our schools have mucked out all the offensive truths of civilizations. The reading level of an average student borders on embarrassing numbers. We have a generation of youth who have no investment in wanting the truthor do we?Foremost, a lover of historical truth, who has a life-long admiration for General Robert E. Lee came upon this bo [...]

    • Very refreshing and timely book that provides a much-needed and genuinely thoughtful perspective on African-American and WBTS history. It relates a uniquely personal journey, dispels revisionist myths along the way, and arrives at a spiritual destination. I wish all Americans could be exposed to Al Arnold's perspective. The author concludes that only by mutually respecting each other's heritage can we all come together. Al is to be commended for going the distance of his journey, and being willi [...]

    • This book was one of those serendipitous acquisitions that occurred in the context of attending a local book store hosting the sale of a friend's newly published book. As fate would have it, I had been conversing with a friend of mine in the bookstore and the subject of Traveller, General Robert E. Lee's horse came up. I happened to look across the floor during the conversation and spotted this book and its author, Al Arnold, at a different table. Well, at that point, I couldn't ignore how fate [...]

    • Al Arnold had my respect when I first saw this book published from his postings and conversations on Facebook, now that I finally got to read his memoir he has my utmost respect and admiration. His look into his own Confederate ancestry as well as his candidness on what diversity really means as well as other things going on in today’s world, Al you hit the nail on the head here in everything you said in this book. Diversity is not destroying something you do not like, understand, or agree wit [...]

    • You may not agree with him and some of the book may be uncomfortable to read, but keep in mind this is the authors personal journey. This book is a very interesting look into the authors mind, his family, and his perspective on the war. Anyone that has done their own genealogy research knows you are bound to find information that isn't what you expected or wanted. It helps to have an open mind, about the past, before starting out on that journey. Most every family has their secrets or memories t [...]

    • While short in length, this is a fantastic book. Al Arnold wrote an educated, well constructed work challenging intellectual discussion on topics most people hide from--race, the Confederacy, and South heritage. Arnold did a remarkable job in retelling his personal genealogical search and thoroughly researched the men, the cause, and time period.As a genealogical researcher, I know the exciting experience of discovering "new" family history. But Arnold's research unfolds a profound discovery: a [...]

    • The P.C. crowd heads are going to explode! Truth is sometimes hard to take, especially if it something that, according to all popular teachings, couldn't have been like that! This little book tells a family story that could/should be the way to live. I started it because of the second most important thing to me, my Confederate heritage, and finished it because of the first most important thing, my faith in Jesus Christ! An honest, heart felt story to bring US, you and me and our Country, togethe [...]

    • This is one of the most fascinating books I have read. It is very well researched and contains amazing accounts one black man's life during and after the Civil War, and of Mr. Arnolds search for his history and heritage. A heritage he was astonished to discover, and one he now proudly embraces. His love for Christ has led him to challenge all the misconceptions society has placed on this era. His book will challenge you to do the same.

    • Al Arnold has written a important book that many would benefit from reading. After reading this book my attitude about the South and the views I had previously had been taught about the memory of the Civil War have changed. Mr. Arnold tells his family history and his views about the Civil War History in his own unique way. After reading this the reader will agree or disagree with Mr. Arnold but the reader will be enlightened by Mr. Arnold's very interesting book. Great read.

    • I highly recommend this book to anyone interested not only in history but also of a man's personal journey and discovery. Mr. Arnold provides us with a very real and very honest look into his personal life. As I read this book I began to see things from a view point of the civil war that I had never been exposed to or thought of before. Learning of Turner Hall (Mr. Arnold's great-great grandfather) a light shines on a narrative of the civil war that in today's culture is rarely spoke of and ofte [...]

    • It was one of the best books I have ever read. Bro. Arnold told the story with introspective & unique insights. Some of his points were thought-provoking. Bro. Arnold tells of his long journey to find his ancestor & by the grace of God finds the answers he looks for. The true story of the Black Confederates who served deserves to be heard. With "Robert E. Lee's Orderly: A Modern Black Man's Confederate Journey", it is a one of the great books of the ages.

    • Even though there are limited stories regarding the slave , Turner, the author Mr. Arnold tells a compelling story about his journey growing up in the South and gives sound moral directives that all of us should follow.

    • I find this book to be a fascinating journey of a modern 21st Century southern man into the historical reality (and connectedness) of his slave ancestor during the WBTS. Mr. Arnold's ancestor spent the war years, first as a slave of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest and then, as Gen. Robert E. Lee's Orderly. He was thus constantly in the presence of two seminal and hugely important men and so, he was directly a part of some of the most important events of the nation's past. Mr. Turner Hall was so prou [...]

    • Met the Pastor and his wife at a Civil War Relic show. VERY NICE people. The book had a fulfilling spiritual message and I immensely enjoyed traveling with him on his journey through its pages. Will pass on to a young black man who is a Civil War reactor to find inspiration in its chapters. Well worth the money.

    • The author is a proud confederate descendant of color. I just might read this book again for black history month.

    • It got to be pretty religious at the end, but other than that a very informative book with a very good message that everyone regardless of race should live by.

    • I thoroughly enjoyed Robert E Lee's Orderly. It was an interesting, well-written, honest assessment of Mr. Arnold's personal family research. We don't always know what we'll find when looking at past generations but Turner Hall Jr. sounds like a worthy patriarch who would be proud of Mr. Arnold's work. Besides reading the book, I've met Mr. Arnold a couple of times & am impressed with his attitude and ability to relate to a very diverse group of people. Good luck with future endeavors!

    • I've had the honor to meet the author, most recently at this year's Shiloh reenactment. He is a true Christian and a true Southerner.His book, "Robert E. Lee's Orderly," is a fascinating read. It Is a very insightful book from what I believe is a very insightful man. I highly recommend for any student of history, particularly the War Between the States (my Grandmother would never allow it to be called the Civil War). History is not always clear cut "good vs evil," and this is one book that demon [...]

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