Three-and-a-Half Heartbeats

Three and a Half Heartbeats Grace and Tom Penderford had a strong marriage a comfortable home in the Hertfordshire countryside and a healthy baby girl They were happy They were normal But soon after Chloe turns three tragedy

  • Title: Three-and-a-Half Heartbeats
  • Author: Amanda Prowse
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Grace and Tom Penderford had a strong marriage, a comfortable home in the Hertfordshire countryside, and a healthy baby girl They were happy They were normal.But soon after Chloe turns three, tragedy strikes A disease called Sepsis claims the life of their daughter, devastating their little family The Penderfords had never heard of Sepsis a cruel, indiscriminate diseGrace and Tom Penderford had a strong marriage, a comfortable home in the Hertfordshire countryside, and a healthy baby girl They were happy They were normal.But soon after Chloe turns three, tragedy strikes A disease called Sepsis claims the life of their daughter, devastating their little family The Penderfords had never heard of Sepsis a cruel, indiscriminate disease that claims a life somewhere in the world every three and a half seconds Now, with their world crumbling, they must mend each others broken hearts and try to save their marriage if they can.To find out about this tragic disease, please visit sepsistrust All the proceeds from this novel will go straight to the Sepsis Trust By buying it, you will help in their battle to save lives Thank you for making a difference.

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      Amanda Prowse was a management consultant for ten years before realising that she was born to write Amanda lives in the West Country with her husband and their two teenage sons.

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    • Already this year we have had three books from the lovely Amanda Prowse and now she is back with a novella Three and a Half Heartbeats which highlights the dangers of sepsis and brings to the attention of her readers old and new about a devastating illness which many people may not know even exists. At just over 285 pages and priced at only €1.89 (£1.19) on Kindle, this is fantastic value for such a stunning gut wrenching book. All proceeds from the sale of this story will go to the Sepsis Tr [...]

    • I'll start by saying books do not generally make me cry and if they do it's a solitary tear. Three and a Half Heartbeats broke me; I was a soggy mess for a long time after finishing.It is the story of Grace and Tom Penderford and their 3 year old daughter Chloe. They have the perfect life. Grace has the high flying career and Tom is the stay at home dad. Chloe is the centre of their universe.Everything changes after Chloe has a routine tonsilectomye is struck down by sepsis and passes away. Grac [...]

    • I enjoyed this book, a lot. It was emotional, very touching and hard to read at times but it also kept me thinking. I felt a connection to all of the characters, and I enjoyed gaining an insight to their lives. I found the end a bit 'easy' (as my mum also said) and while I enjoyed the ending's resolve, I'm not a huge fan of the 'I'll write a book' direction that Grace went in. Overall, I'm glad I read it and I would recommend it to others.

    • Another incredible story from Amanda Prowse, who has fast become my favourite author so far this year. Not only is this heartbreaking story of loss and grief, it is also an eye opener regarding Sepsis and how this dreadful illness can strike without warning, leaving devastation in its wake.

    • Posted in full reviewedthebook/2015 I have to start by saying all proceeds from Three-and-a-Half Heartbeats will go to the Sepsis Trust, so please buy this novel. Not only is it a stunning piece of fiction, it’s going towards an important cause – and every sale will help that little bit more to prevent the tragic death and consequences Sepsis results in. Visit sepsistrust to find out more about this disease. Three-and-a-Half Heartbeats is beautiful through and through. Knowing what was to co [...]

    • I've read 65% of this, but no more. I see where it's going. It started out sad, but a good story: Grace and Tom and baby Chloe were the perfect family. But Chloe dies from sepsis after a routine tonsillectomy and their world falls apart. Grace leaves to go to Wales to be alone and heal. I find it so awful that she can't heal alongside her husband who is hurting as much as, if not more than she is. No, she feels like her hurt is special BUT she doesn't heal alone. She takes up with Huw (is it Hue [...]

    • I'm in two minds about this book, I can't say I enjoyed it as the sudden death of a small child from sepsis is too tragic to enjoy reading about it. I found the first half of the book depressing, it was very emotional but somehow because the death came so early in the book I didn't feel as though I'd got to know the characters. The grief of the parents was almost unbearable to read about and I skip read a few chapters, which is not doing the book justice. The slow recovery of Grace via her escap [...]

    • 'In the UK, sepsis kills more people than AIDS, road accidents, breast, bowel and prostate cancer combined' _____ Amanda ProwseI nearly lost both my sister and a friend to sepsis, a relatively common but life-threatening condition that most people have never heard of. This novel highlights what septis is and how it can destroy lives in the blink of an eye. Another beautifully written, but poignant read by the lovely Ms. Prowse.

    • Sad and heartbreakingThis book will bring sepsis awareness to everyone who reads it and spreads the word about the book and author

    • What an excellent read - they say knowledge is a good thing I certainly know more about sepsis. I enjoyed this book very much. Thank you Amanda Prowse for bringing this to my attention

    • I absolutely could not put this book down.It was sad, but it also made you think. I loved all the characters too Brilliant ❤️

    • Amanda Prowse novels have been arriving on our bookshop shelves thick and fast over the past 3 years, with a higher than average number of releases per year for an author. Whilst I've enjoyed a couple of her novels so far I have always been a little sceptical about whether they can all be quality when balanced against the quantity being released. In some ways you want to be able to say that no one can possibly have that many amazing stories within them in such a short space of time. It is theref [...]

    • This was a fab book, very emotional in parts , I laughed in parts too . Another great book by the lovely Amanda Prowse. Brilliant idea writing a book around the idea of an illness , to save lives , raising awareness to the symptoms, by describing in the story what happened to Chloe , but also at the start of each chapter giving little facts about Sepsis , and also at the back of the book more in depth the symptoms and what to do if you suspect Sepsis, I for one have learnt from reading this book [...]

    • Review first posted on my blog: spoonfulofhappyendingsspoGrace and Tom Penderford have it all: a beautiful home in the Hertfordshire countryside, a loving relationship, and a wonderful baby girl named Chloe. Grace really enjoys her busy full-time job, but sometimes wishes she'd have more time to spend at home with her family. But then Grace and Tom's life is completely turned upside down when a disease called Sepsis takes three-year-old Chloe away from them. Both Grace and Tom had never heard of [...]

    • Three-and-a-Half-Heartbeats is yet another fantastic read from the very talented Amanda Prowse. Not only is it a great story but it's helping to raise awareness of the disease sepsis with ALL proceeds going to the UK Sepsis Trust.Grace and Tom Penderford are a happy couple, living in Hertfordshire with their three-year-old daughter Chloe and a close family but when Chloe goes into hospital for a routine operation their world is torn apart.Having lost their daughter under such tragic circumstance [...]

    • Three-and-a-Half HeartbeatsWhat makes Amanda Prowse one of my all time favorite authors is she has the ability to transport me directly into her novels. This subject is so raw, so profound it makes you think, what if that were me? What would I do if I lost my child?I'm not a Mother yet, still if lost my child I wouldn't know what to doI'd be Grace, I think and just want to hide myself away, crawl into the sunken rabbit hole and never look back up. If I did look back up, just once would someone h [...]

    • Having read 'will you remember me' and being blowin away by that book and with this books obvious content I had high hopes.It started out promising even though it was a horrible devastating tragedy and the tears did come I really loved little Chloe,she was such a precious bubbly cute little thing and her death was told so gently whilst being utterly heartbreaking and my heart went out to little Chloe and her poor parents.Their understandable grief and despair was harrowing and you can't imagine [...]

    • Another success story with a very important message for us all.Having read several other books by this fabulous author, Amanda Prowse, I did not expect it to be less than great! Amanda yet again takes a difficult and emotive subject and runs with it taking her audience with her. She chose Sepsis and in particular a very young child who develops it after having a relatively minor procedure carried out in hospital. As most of us, the parents knew absolutely nothing about the symptoms and could not [...]

    • I think the primary aim of this novel was to raise awareness about 'sepsis' - a disease that claims one human life every "three-and-a-half heartbeats, or seconds". And it achieves that beautifully since I was hit with the hard facts at the beginning of each chapter and now know what to look for. However, it offers so much more. I was hooked by the gripping story line to the end; immersed in the raw emotions of the protagonists whose beautiful relationship disintegrated following the loss of thei [...]

    • Three and a half heartbeatsAmanda Prowse triumphs again. Again she writes about a sensitive topic, an illness that I knew little about but which she deals with so honestly and openly. I was moved beyond words. Praise should also be given for bringing this condition to the public's attention. The characters are incredible, their emotions so sympathetically portrayed. The strength of a parent's love so strong and their raw emotion so gut wrenching. 5 stars. A real roller coaster of emotions were f [...]

    • Really liked the book and if it was possible I'd rate it 4.5/5 stars instead. The story is in one word heartbreaking. At the beginning life is good and things are normal but soon the disaster strikes and the book made me tear up quite often. I liked most of the characters, even Chloe was quite well done, considering how little time she had actually as a part of the story. I have heard of Sepsis before but didn't really know what it was and sounds quite alarming as it sounds so similar to other i [...]

    • A very strong, heartfelt storyA very strong, heartfelt story with an incredibly strong message behind it! Most people think of Sepsis as an old person illness which attacks at the end of a disease or illness, but it isn't, its a very scary illness which can affect any person of any age

    • This is honestly one of the most powerful, emotional books I have ever read. Grace's story, her desperation is so real and intense. Her pain just leaps from the page, grabs you and won't let go. Everytime Grace cried, I cried. The subject of Sepsis is one I am familiar with and understand the horrific consequences of this illness. I am so glad this story will help bring awareness and may help prevent more families having to deal with its devastation.Amanda Prowse is an amazing storyteller and ha [...]

    • Having attended the London launch on Three-and-a-Half Heartbeats, and hearing of the heartbreaking stories of families who have lost loved ones to Sepsis, I was reluctant to read this book as Amanda Prowse can so easily pluck at your heartstrings. But once again, she's delivered a story full of characters to love and sympathise with. This is the story of Grace and Tom, parents to Chloe, and their journey through grief.

    • This was one of those suck you in, shake you up and spit you out as an emotional wreck type books - I found it a real struggle to keep reading at some points as it physically hurt to do so. Amanda Prowse is such a great writer - I didn't want to keep reading, but I had to, I needed to see what happened next. I actually did not give it five stars as I felt the ending was just a little too 'easy' but all in all a great book.

    • This is the first book by Amanda Prowse that I have read. I loved all of the characters in the book, my heart went out to Tom and Grace. This book brought home the tragic loss of a child and how parents try to cope afterwards. It also made me aware of the terrible disease that is Sepsis.I loved reading this book and look forward to reading more of Amanda Prowse

    • Ms Prowse has yet again written and truly fantastic book which knows just which heartstrings to tug at. The basis of the book is about Sepsis which I knew very little about and the devastating affects it has on everyone's life. I now know the signs for Sepsis and want to thank this Author for writing such a fantastic and informative book!

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