Spider-Gwen (2015) #2

Spider Gwen Who is the Vulture Gwen finds herself between a rock this vulture and a hard place the entire NYPD Don t miss this second issue of the Spider Character who set the world on fire

  • Title: Spider-Gwen (2015) #2
  • Author: Jason Latour Robbi Rodriguez Rico Renzi
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Who is the Vulture Gwen finds herself between a rock, this vulture , and a hard place, the entire NYPD Don t miss this second issue of the Spider Character who set the world on fire

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      453 Jason Latour Robbi Rodriguez Rico Renzi
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    381 thoughts on “Spider-Gwen (2015) #2

    • Bullet Review:Not much forward momentum and I'm still getting DC flashbacks, but I'm starting to feel out how this series became such a sensation. I'll have to check out the trade for the rest of these issues.

    • WTF!!??? Spider-ham? Really? Of all spidey version they can use choose him? Anyway, it wasbetter than #1

    • What is wrong with the people in charge of this series? They have/had the chance to do something great with a female lead, a female hero. And what do they do? They make it a boring story about a stereotypical teenage girl with stereotypical teenage girl problems. Come on people, make this right. This can be so much more.

    • You know why Spider-Man works? Because he lost his parents, his uncle, his girlfriend, friends, and more and he didn't turn into a whining, simpering little brat. This is why Spider-Man 3 was one of the least loved and fell apart. Spider-Man quips, he grieves, he moves on because he understands there is a world to save.Why do I bring this up? Because Gwen is the direct opposite. She broods like a teenage emo boy, she's not very likable, and her friends are even less so. She gets joined by her im [...]

    • This is the second one in the Spider-Gwen series and I have to say it was, sadly, no improvement on the first one. the artwork was the same, the story didn't really improve, and my opinion of this series was lowered when an odd pig-spider character came into the story too making it just utterly laughable instead of just annoying. Clearly this series is not one I will end up enjoying and I don't intend to venture any further with the Spider Universe. I'd give this no stars really as it was just a [...]

    • Ever have that sensation of falling down a rabbit hole? Well, coming across Spider Ham (yes, a pig dressed in a Spiderman suit. Don't ask) has done that to me. But what a rush! Gwen Stacy and a web-slinging, corndog eating pig, plus The Kingpin and rock n' roll.

    • Even more disappointing than the first issue. The art and colors continue to be amazing, but the story: double UGH. Gwen does nothing proactive until the very last page, when she FINALLY decides to talk to the father who has been leaving her messages of support, love and help. She mopes and broods and hallucinates conversations with a cartoon pig version of Peter Parker, but we learn very little about what drives her as Spider-Woman or as Gwen. It's like the writer forgot she has two identities [...]

    • Unfortunately I liked this issue even less then the first one. In fact I was very hard for me not to skim through it. Gwen has a lot of potential as a character and as a superhero but none of it feels realized or drawn upon. In this issue Gwen recovers from her previous fight with The Vulture and is now seeing hallucinations of Spider Ham for some reason. It's never explained why and it doesn't offer any direction or move the plot forward. Gwen's dad continues to try and protect her and Mary Jan [...]

    • A LOT better than the first issue, but there's still something off about it all. It does give me a little DC vibe, and that's why I think I like it so much but besides that, it needs a lot of work. Spider ham though. I like you and your "nom-nom-nom"'s.

    • Although I preferred the first issue I still found myself drawn into the plot by, again, the colouring, art, and dialogue. Can't wait for the next issue!

    • Love the Spider-Ham interactions, also, I love her questioning herself in comparison to the other Spider hero's. A clever take on the whole character.

    • I try to stick to the main Marvel Universe to reduce my confusion about who is who. This story doesn't seem worth the confusion of an alternate universe, especially with minimal tie in with the main MU.

    • For some reason people still seem to think Spider-Gwen is meant to be a copy like base from Spider-Man. It's not. Once you get over that, it's funny and different. I like the fact it's not the same as Peter Parker . Gwen is more or less, loosing her mind. Which they never show in Spider-Man. This is a different universe then we are used to . Quirky, modern and does poke fun at the series at time. Having Gwen as the heroine defiantly makes it different as well. I'm enjoying that it's fast paced a [...]

    • Spider-Gwen, Spider-Gwen~I like how this series is starting off with Gwen trying to find her own path, her reason to become a hero. And peppering her world with different versions of characters we already know, its just great! The one thing that I don't like is that there are times when the art doesn't feel top-notch in all frames. Like there are parts where its obvious the artist took its time, while other frames feel rushed and half done. But its a great style. Very neon rock & roll

    • Not bad I suppose. I could do without spider-pig and I'm not a huge fan of the musical group angle, but I'm still generally interested to see how things turn out. I don't mind this glimpse into the new weird alternate universe Marvel has put out there, Daredevil is interesting in this, which helped add a half a star or so.

    • Much better than the first issue! This issue is funnier and more interesting, and still has the same colourful art I love. Gwen's characterization could still do with some work to make her more solid/feel more real. Right now she doesn't make as much sense to me as I want her to. Maybe that's just me. Regardless, I'm encouraged by the improvement and am looking forward to reading more.

    • What a great read! So this continues where #1 left off, Vulture is still at large and Gwen is dealing with being a superhero/teenage girl! Spider-Ham also plays a big role in this issue and damn is he funny! I also am really enjoying the alternate takes this book takes on other heroes like Frank Castle aka The Punisher and Matt Murdock!

    • Solid issue of Spider-Gwen. She has a lot going on throughout her comic issues and it's interesting to see how she deals with them, specifically when it comes to her father being the detective going after Spider-Gwen. It's fantastic seeing her become her own person not just as Gwen but as a hero as well.

    • Terrible characterization. Loads of ~cynical hipster BS. The art's only good during fight scenes. Why is Spider-Ham here? It's ridiculous and squandering what could have been so much better. I can't forgive them for how they characterize MJ.

    • This series is literally so boring to meere's nothing going on here. At all. I'll keep reading just to see if things improve.

    • The Daredevil stuff is still the most interesting thing about this series. And even with that this issue was only okay.

    • It felt shorter than the last one, or is that just me? I really like this series it's fun and entertaining, as always I'm anticipating the next one!

    • Imaginary Peter Porker helps get Gwen through a tough defeat while Detective Frank Castle questions The Kingpin and Matt Murdoch gives The Condor a surprise warning.

    • The art is really good but I don't understand the plot too well right now. I hope everything gets uncovered on the later issues. Also, Spider-Ham.

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