Spider-Gwen (2015) #1

Spider Gwen Spider Gwen spins into her own series Gwen Stacy is Spider Woman but you knew that already What you don t know is which friends and foes are waiting for her in the aftermath of Spider Verse

  • Title: Spider-Gwen (2015) #1
  • Author: Jason Latour Robbi Rodriguez Ramón Pérez Rico Renzi
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Spider Gwen spins into her own series Gwen Stacy is Spider Woman, but you knew that already What you don t know is which friends and foes are waiting for her in the aftermath of Spider Verse

    Spider Gwen Comic Series Marvelhttps marvel comics series spider gwen_ Browse the Marvel comic series Spider Gwen Check out individual issues, and find out how to read them Spider Gwen Comic Issues Marvelhttps marvel comics issue spider gwen__ Feb , Gwen Stacy is Spider Woman, but you knew that already What you DON T know is what friends and foes are waiting for her in the aftermath of Spider Verse From the fan favorite creative team that brought you Spider Gwen s origin story in EDGE OF SPIDER VERSE Spider Gwen Collected Editions Series by Jason Latourhttps series Spider Gwen Collected Editions Series primary works total works After her debut in Edge of Spider Verse , and the events of Spider Verse, Spider Gwen became so popular that she received her very own Spider Gwen by Jason Latour https book show spider gwen Jan , Gwen Stacy is Spider Woman, but you knew that already What you don t know is which friends and foes are waiting for her in the aftermath of Spider Verse Spider Gwen Vol Greater Power Spider Gwen https Spider Gwen Vol Greater Power You ve subscribed to Spider Gwen We will preorder your items within hours of when they become available When Spider Gwen from Marvel Comics League of Comic Geekshttps leagueofcomicgeeks comics series spider gwen Spider Gwen Marvel Comics Jun th, . Still haunted by the death of her world s young Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy pays a visit to the two people who knew him best. Spider Gwen Vol Most Wanted Spider Gwen https Spider Gwen Vol Most Wanted ebook dp BJHJHJ You ve subscribed to Spider Gwen We will preorder your items within hours of when they become available When new Spider Gwen Values Price Guide GoCollecthttps comics.gocollect series spider gwen Spider Gwen CGC Lookup Scan or type number on label Choose File Spider Gwen Refine Refine by Sales Sales . FMV Spider Gwen Guide Watch Sales . FMV Spider Gwen Guide Watch

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      297 Jason Latour Robbi Rodriguez Ramón Pérez Rico Renzi
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    • Jason Latour Robbi Rodriguez Ramón Pérez Rico Renzi

      Jason Latour Robbi Rodriguez Ramón Pérez Rico Renzi Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Spider-Gwen (2015) #1 book, this is one of the most wanted Jason Latour Robbi Rodriguez Ramón Pérez Rico Renzi author readers around the world.

    226 thoughts on “Spider-Gwen (2015) #1

    • 3.5 starsPretty goodish start to an extremely cool new character!The biggest problem I had with this issue is that I was hoping for her origin story. That's not what you get here. I guess that story has already been told somewhere else, and now I need to hunt it down. I'd read part of it in Edge of Spider-verse, but that story starts up after she's already a Spidey. SoghThere is a recap on the first page that gives an extremely condensed version of it, but it's not what I wanted. Spider bite + P [...]

    • Bullet Review:The ONE TIME they could do an origin story - or hint - or ANYTHING - and nope. Instead, let's throw you in and make you feel as if you missed the first 6 issues.Other than THAT - not too shabby, once I finally got into it. But is anyone else getting Batgirl/Barbara Gordon vibes? Superheroine whose father is an uppity up in law enforcement? And either has an axe to grind against his daughter's alter ego or owes his life to her?No?

    • A great idea that falls down in execution. The art and coloring are vibrant and fresh, but the story: ugh. Gwen's only proactive activity is to vandalize blocks of New York City with spray paint. She commits crime in an attempt to fight crime. So heroic. And really, Mary Jane Watson as an asshat diva just for tired mean girl conflict? Seriously?!Written by men for fans of the movie Gwen, but those fans will find themselves confused as the book relies on readers' knowledge of the mainstream Marve [...]

    • I'm definitely going to pick this up in Trade, but it was in at the comic store, so I decided to pick up the first issue.I know absolutely nothing about Spider-Man or any of the different universes, and yes, I could look it up on or somewhere, but I haven't yet. I will probably check out some of the world building before the first volume comes out, just so I have an idea of what's going on and the different villains.So, knowing nothing about the world or who Gwen Stacy really is, I enjoyed this [...]

    • Eh, I wasn't blown away by this like I thought I would be. But it had really strong points, good dialogue, and awesome artwork to keep me entertained. Unfortunately I feel like this kick ass cover doesn't make up for the lame-o villain. But I like the cliffhanger, and because of that I'll pick up the next issue.

    • After seeing how well this was received, I picked up the third printing of the first issue recently to see what the hype was about. I now see that my first instinct was correct, this comic was not for me. While this is a first issue, a ton of alternate universe Spiderverse knowledge is required to know what the hell is going on -- Peter Parker is "dead," Mary Jane is the leader of a girl band that Gwen plays the drums in, Frank Castle has a cameo as a cop, Spider-Ham is mentioned, etc. -- that I [...]

    • Me gusta Gwen Stacy como Spider, pero este número no término de convencerme. Leere el 2do. a ver que pasa

    • I did not like this at all and so I'm glad I only picked up the first 2 issues and not the whole volume because not only does the artwork really not interest me, but the story is equally as uninteresting and annoying. This story introduces you to the character of Spider Gwen who is actually Gwen Stacy, but it gives you an intro which makes little sense (if you don't already know the Universe, like me) and it's very much a pow, pow, rush job tone throughout. Personally this just didn't work for m [...]

    • I had been excited for this comic series ever since I had heard about it at New York Comic Con last year. Spider- Gwen is about a girl, given extraordinary gifts. She wants to use these gifts to do good. There's only one problem, no one is seeing her the way she wants to be seen, so much so, that even her father (a police officer) is even against the idea of Spider-Gwen, even though he doesn't know that it's his own daughter. What I loved about the first issue of this comic is that it was the pe [...]

    • I love Gwen Stacy, and I wanted to love this book. It's not a bad book, but I was just expecting something a little more spectacular. The rating for this book comes mainly from the fact that I really love what they've done with some of the characters, like Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, and Frank Castle, from the normal timeline. Other than that I'm only lukewarm toward the story itself.

    • This was kind of meh to me. It wasn't that I expected too much of it or something. I didn't know the character going in and this first issue was kind of a let down. I didn't feel for the character, nothing really  interesting happened. And when something did happen, it didn't do anything for me. I hope the second issue will be better.

    • I wasn't extremely impressed with this one. I was confused a little bit though out the whole comic and I just wasn't blown away. The artwork was amazing though.

    • So I've been a fan of Gwen Stacy my whole life, I read old Spider-man comics as a little girl and I fell in love with this blond girl right away. But this Gwen and the original one are quite different. I read a thing a while back that talked about how her only plot was to cry, be a daddy's girl and be in love with Peter, which honestly was quite true.It took years for Marvel to finally flush her out into her own character, and Spider-Gwen really does that in a fantastic well. But she still has t [...]

    • Las ilustraciones están con ganas. La historia mmmmmm estuvo ok. Jajaja así a secas :PIgual y si me gustó mucho. 3 de 5 estrellas.

    • I don't read EOSV so at times I was a little confused. It wasn't clear to me that the boy on the first page was Peter Parker. In my opinion, the writer could have made some things a little more clear so that EOSV wasn't so essential. A couple additional words here and there would have done a world of difference. The artwork is awesome! But it's yet to be seen as to whether or not the story will be my cup of tea.

    • Not bad! So I'm excited, new interpretation of a web slinger! What I was most excited for was Gwen meeting with all of spider man villains because those first encounters are always the best! So first villain is The Vulture, not my first choice but I'm glad there starting small and building up to the more heavy hitters! Overall not bad at all!

    • Love the costume, LOVE the art (I mean, just look at those colours!). Unfortunately, the writing is the weakest part. I'm disappointed in the writing, but there's potential in this comic. It's decent, and I love the character, so we'll see where it goes.

    • This one took me a while to finish. Hopefully I get more into it as the series progresses--totally loving the sass, though.

    • Loved the art and the idea of Spider Gwen but I have to admit that I was quite confused with this one. I so wanted to read her backstory -how she was bitten and how Peter Parker died- but we have none of that here. It jumps right into the action -which isn't necessarily a bad thing- just very confusing at first for a newbie like me. Can't wait to read more about Spider Gwen. In fact I think I'm going to read Edge of Spider Verse #2 right now :D

    • I was pretty excited to start this series because of all the attention Spider-Gwen has gotten. I loved the idea of a past-love and deceased character becoming her own hero ! It seemed like such a fresh idea.Now that I've read it I almost wish that I hadn't. I had such a good idea of who this new Gwen was that when I actually read the first issue I was very disappointed. I haven't read the Spider-Verse prior to this and know that I shouldn't be too harsh because of that but honestly nothing I rea [...]

    • I'm not overly impressed by the first issue of Spider-Gwen. The story is somewhat confusing, I'm not really sure what's going on except that it's set in an alternate timeline. The characters I recognized were Gwen Stacy, Foggy Nelson, Frank Castle, and a demented version of Mary Jane. The art is simplistic and lacks fine detail work, but is vibrantly colored which somewhat makes up for it. The biggest problem I see though is that eyesore of a costume. I don't know what's going on with it but it [...]

    • Oh man, I was so excited to read this!I didn't give it a 5 because I haven't gotten a real feel for this series quite yet. But it was fun. The Vulture was introduced, and the comic leaves you with a cliffhanger (how surprising).I love how colorful this comic is. I like all the color choices. I don't know how I feel about the art style, I'm sure I'll get used to it though (I say that every time).This whole idea of Gwen Stacy living in an alternate universe and becoming a superhero is pretty aweso [...]

    • Hmm. Mixed feelings. I was really looking forward to seeing a proper Gwen Stacy story. NOTE: If you have not read any of Spider-verse, you will be very confused. I assumed that because this was the first issue, it would introduce things slowly. But no, you're pretty much just thrown right in and left to fend for yourself if you didn't read Spider-verse (which I didn't.) I expected this to be a standalone. *sigh* Why am I not surprised that MJ was made out to be selfish and jealous? Seriously, th [...]

    • Tumblr had been all abuzz about Spider-Gwen and for the longest time, I had no idea where she came from or where I could find her. After much investigation I discovered her origin and waited excitedly for her series to premier.If you haven't read Gwen's issue of The Edge of Spider-Verse (#2), the beginning of this may be a bit confusing. There is a very quick 'previously' but it doesn't cover much. Otherwise, the comic is very good. The art is spectacular, Gwen is funny, and let's face it, havin [...]

    • Gwen Stacy is attempting to keep Spider Woman on the down low after the death of Peter Parker and her father finds out the truth. Complications arise when more giant lizards appear, and Gwen has a run-in with S.H.I.E.L.D.This was good for a #1. I wasn't blown away, though the art work is fantastic. I really like figuring out what alternative heroes are going to show up in this 'verse - Black female Cap was SO REFRESHING. I'll definitely read on - I want to know about Murdoch and how he'll play i [...]

    • I honestly expected to like this one. What little of a story there was unfortunately fell flat and was difficult to read at times. The writer seems to take a very old and almost cheesy approach to writing some of the characters that just did not connect well with me. I did appreciate the art. The cover in particular was very vibrant and eye catching but is not enough to keep my interest in such a stale read.

    • Here's what I can tell you about Spider-Gwen:I am so confused. If you don't have any idea how the Spider universe works or any previous knowledge of the story line, you will be confused. I have seriously no idea what's going on.Do you guys have any suggestions as to where I can go to start with my Marvel knowledge?(I gave it a 3 star for the fact that I'm lost.)

    • Spider-Gwen is my first foray into the Spideyverse and it's a case of so far so good, I like it but I just don't love it - hopefully that'll come in time when I grow more accustomed to 'verse. The cover is gorgeous though (and what attracted me in the first place), the dialogue and artwork flow together lovely, and I'm glad I picked up #2 so I don't have to deal with that cliffhanger!

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