The Goddess Queen

The Goddess Queen In all the years I d existed I d never expected to be free The powerful Greek gods live in a world torn apart by jealousy and love loss and longing Could Goddess Queen Calliope finally be the one to

  • Title: The Goddess Queen
  • Author: Aimee Carter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In all the years I d existed, I d never expected to be free The powerful Greek gods live in a world torn apart by jealousy and love, loss and longing Could Goddess Queen Calliope finally be the one to achieve peace between the gods and set them free

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      Aim e Carter was born and raised in Michigan, where she currently resides She is the author of several series, including The Goddess Test series, The Blackcoat Rebellion series, and the Simon Thorn series.QUEEN 3 of The Blackcoat Rebellion will be released on November 24th, 2015MON THORN AND THE WOLF S DEN 1 of the Simon Thorn series, Bloomsbury will be released February 2, 2016.

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    • “No wonder…”Okay, this are the bits of the Goddess series. I hated Hera since the book 1 and book 2. But after reading her point-of-view my vision about her changed. I know she’s the Goddess of Women and Marriage, and I expected a lot of feminism and loyalty. I really agree with her a lot. It’s all clear to me now why she rebelled and against her brothers and sisters. But the way she acted on the 2nd book wasn’t a good move in my opinion.I hated Zeus, he ain’t loyal to Hera and he [...]

    • This was so good. Can't put into words how much I loved this and how much it hurt.Also changes a bit how I feel about Hera, she's always painted in such a negative light in this series, but also in most others.

    • I hate that I've read Hera's story.Now I don't know which side to take!Zeus, bro you're such a douche.

    • I have always been a fan of Aimee Carter, and will always be reading her novels as long as they are being published :) This short story follows the story of Hera, and the struggles and heartbreak she faces along the way in her fight for power and equality on Olympus. I relate to Hera, due to her undying devotion to her children, as well as her attempted devotion to her husband, Zeus, for we all know what a "player" he truly is. We are able to see a side of Hera that we were not exposed to in The [...]

    • This just proved how much I hate Calliope/Hera, but I felt bad for her. I could see where she was coming from. All she wanted was respect and loyalty. This short story, novella, whatever you want to call it, sort of felt like Fairest from the Cinder series by Marrissa Meyer. But I loved how there was a point to the story, and there was some background on Calliope. I know why she's so wacko all the time now.BUt what I really want is Henry's story. I'm a sucker for Greek retellings, and this (seri [...]

    • Zeus is a jerk. I think other readers will agree. In Hera's story, he is evil and two-faced. I actually liked Hera in this story, I think because it's told from her perspective and her feelings are very relatable. We get to know Hera from the beginning, when she was fairly innocent (although slightly self-absorbed) and had a good heart. Unfortunately, Zeus' behaviors ruin her. Zeus really has two personalities. The one he portrays to the council is righteous and respected, while he secretly lies [...]

    • Content warnings: infidelityBefore I start this review I need to clarify something. I see "mythology" as religion. Because it is in fact, religion. Typically it's a religion that isn't widely practised any more and potentially not practised at all. The term mythology also tends to be used for just about any religious practice that is not a branch of Christianity. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME USING THE PHRASE RELIGION/RELIGIOUS PRACTICE IN PLACE OF MYTHOLOGY DO NOT READ ANY OF MY REVIEWS FOR THI [...]

    • The Goddess Queen was a great novella focused on Hera at the start up of the council. The original six had just won the war against the Titans and decided to be better rulers than their creators. Hera wanted to be the queen, since she was the one who tipped the war in their favor, but she settles for an equal rule with her siblings. From there, things just go downhill for her and it's all too easy to see why she finally snapped in Goddess Interrupted. All Hera wants is to be recognized for her t [...]

    • En ningún momento sentí simpatía por Hera y me siento bien conmigo misma por eso jaja—El consejo no se ha venido abajo, Hera. Tú sí. Y no puedo dejar que esto pase, porque significaría perderte completamente. Lealtad, fidelidad, esas son las que te hacen quien eres. Con mucho gusto aceptaré lo primero como amigos y a cambio te ofreceré mi amistad incondicionalmente. Pero no dejaré que hagas a un lado lo segundo, no cuando significaría que ya no eres tú.Y debo admitir que, Zeus es un [...]

    • Toda la base de la historia de Goddess Test radica en lo que pasa en esta historia.Es increíble conocer a los Dioses mas allá de Henry y Kate!Acá son ellos todopoderosos, los que vencieron a los Titanes, no los seres mortales que nos plantea en un inicio la historia.No puedo decir que siento simpatía por Hera (Calliope) porque ella es tanto culpable de las acciones y decisiones que tomó. Pero entiendo lo que sufrió, la traición de Zeus (Walter) , el amor no correspondido de Hades (Henry), [...]

    • I thought this story was alright. I didn't actually find anything wrong with this story. I liked how we got a new perspective of Calliope/Hera. It helped us understand her better and why she did what she did (I'm not saying that it makes her murder okay though). This story also made me like Henry more. Unlike Kate, all the characters in this story did have flaws which makes it easier to relate to the characters. Hera's big flaw was pride. Since I kind of have that problem too, I found it easier [...]

    • This novella has about 84 pages and it is the story of Hera and how she became the way she isI must say I really felt for her and I understand how infidelity can change a person, she had suffered sooo much but I think she directs her anger towards the wrong people, not the children from Zeus or Hades she should be directing her worth to but Zeus himself, gosh what a bastard he is, it is all his fault that she became like thisSo yes I now understand her better but still I don't agree with what sh [...]

    • This gave me a whole new perspective on Calliope. I saw reason, the reason why she became that. Zeus was a jerk, usurping Calliope, as well as the others, of their deserved power. He made promises he can't obviously keep. He had many illegitimate children, and he even wanted Calliope to act as a mother to them and also made them join the council, so that more people are in his favour. If I was Calliope, maybe I would've also sent the serpent to Leto. Zeus throwing Hephaestus off the balcony was [...]

    • I like that we get to see the point of view of Hera and what kind of psychological trauma she had to had, to become what she is now, even though we caught a glimpse of her suffering via Zeus affairs in the main book, in here we see how her heart broke and it's painful. I know that her actions were too drastic, and that all the girls that perished because of her in the test were completely innocent but you can't stop feeling sympathy for the goddes in this story.My heart aches a little with you H [...]

    • Hera's revenge against the council has a dark and painful backstory. No doubt she used Ava's guilt of not voting with her to strip Zeus of his power to have her aid in the kidnapping of Kate. Her bitterness and unrequited love for Hades has been her only purpose for surviving. After reading this I definitely gained a new perspective and if nothing else have come to understand Hera's reasons for treason more.

    • 3 Stars: interesting characters, a decent storyline, and unique story elements. the sort of book that you enjoy while you're reading it, but when you compare it to others, it's not amazing. Or if it forms part of a series which you like, you may as well read it, but don't expect the world.There are plenty of better books out there, but a Three Star book isn't a complete waste of your reading time.

    • I had no idea what to expect starting this book. No reviews and no Blurb. I am very pleased I took the risk. His book goes through Hera and Zues' marriage and how Sues manipulated the entire council of Gods into a dictatorship. I was easily able to relate to Hera. I've not been angry at a book character as much as I was angry at Zues for quite some time. I'm going to definitely read on!

    • After reading this novella I can see Hera in another light. I still think she was in the wrong with what she did in the books. But I can see where she was coming from Zeus is a Bas** with capital B. Hades is sweet and sorry to say it but I got angry with Demeter. No matter the reasons she betrayed her sister. Hera was an amazing main character and I rooted for her, if I hadn't of known what she would do in the future I would have loved her forever!

    • I read this in a collection called The Goddess Legacy which included five of the novellas from this series. That may explain why I thought the ending of the book was dreadful. It finished with the story of Hades trying to find a bride. It felt to me like Carter hit a deadline and decided to turn in an unfinished book. I see now that maybe there was more to the story that could have been covered in other Goddess stories that were not included in this collection.

    • This book is an historical look back at the life of the goddess Hera so you can put her into perspective when you read the main novels.I do not like her in the main novels, but this gave me much more of an understanding of her life, and I now feel sympathetic toward her.Oh and Zeushe is a massive tool!

    • I think I liked this story better than the ones about Kate. This story made me see where Hera was coming from and I disliked her a little less. Although I thought it was interesting how similar Kate and Hera really are! They are both a little insecure and want to be loved. They both despise being alone and they want to be truly cared about.

    • Hera has seriously, SERIOUSLY, been cheated over and over again. So basically Zeus is a douche, Hades is too nice for his own good, Demeter thinks an apology is okay and if someone doesn't accept it that's their problem, and Hestia is always frolicking in fields of happiness. Mainly, Zeus is a douche. I totally understand why Hera is so angry in the main series.

    • Myth or no, I always understood where the hatred and cruelty of Hera come from. And reading this, I once more got that I'm not the only one that thought soEven tho she wasn't and isn't my favorite goddess, and sometimes she went overboard, Zeus was the cause of it all, and as I said myth or no, I will always choose Hera over Zeus

    • This short story makes Calliope make more sense. Its sad how her husband treated her. She was genuine in her devotion to Zues, but he did nothing but cheat on her. While you feel bad about this, and the fact that the man she loves, Henry, rejects her, her ambitions are what lead to her downfall, not her love. She loves power, and whatever male can get it for her will have her loyalty.

    • A Goddess mini story.Hera was my least favourite but this showed a different side of her, and I think it ties in with what the legends of Hera are (her relationship with Zeus and etc). You should read the first three before this though.

    • Zeus is a terrible, terrible person. I'm also not for sibling marriages, but I've always loved mythology. It was fun to get back into this world, forgot I had the goddess test collection book and after two years I think it's nice to see where the gods and goddess came from before Kate showed up.

    • these short stories are found IN The Goddess Legacythis story is about Calliope, and starts right at the end of the Titan War.

    • This makes the reader aware of how and why Hera/Calliope becomes the way she does during the Goddess Test series. And honestly, after reading this, I don't blame her one bit. Sure she was an utter witch to Kate who didn't deserve her hatred, but I now see how it all started. Stupid Zeus.

    • This was very well written and kept me interested however i hate Hera/calliope. but it was really cool how Aimee gave us the back story of her and why she may have turned out the way she is in Kate's time.

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