Redhead A must read for all redheads and their admirers as well as fans of thrillers mythology and the supernatural Redheads have always attracted attention desired envied pitied ridiculed even persecute

  • Title: Redhead
  • Author: IanCook
  • ISBN: 9781848767652
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • A must read for all redheads and their admirers as well as fans of thrillers, mythology and the supernatural.Redheads have always attracted attention desired, envied, pitied, ridiculed, even persecuted Now the sacrifices begin In 1921, in the ruined city of Carthage near Tunis, a red haired French archaeologist hears the cries of long dead children as he stumbles upon aA must read for all redheads and their admirers as well as fans of thrillers, mythology and the supernatural.Redheads have always attracted attention desired, envied, pitied, ridiculed, even persecuted Now the sacrifices begin In 1921, in the ruined city of Carthage near Tunis, a red haired French archaeologist hears the cries of long dead children as he stumbles upon a legendary sacrificial site Shortly afterwards, he is viciously attacked by a hawk.Back in present day London, flame haired journalist Rebecca Burns investigates strange and macabre events which seem to be directed against redheads worldwide Together with young astrophysicist Dr Jim Cavendish and Professor Larry Burton, an authority on ancient civilisations, she is drawn into an age old feud a feud that threatens the very existence of redheads everywhere.

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      Ian Cook was born in Devon in the UK, grew up in Hertfordshire and took a degree in crop science at the University of Reading During his subsequent worldwide travels, he became intrigued by the apparent universal mythology associated with red hair and acquired knowledge about the subject than is strictly necessary for everyday social purposes He lives in West London with his wife, Maggie.

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    • (I received this book for free as part of First-reads giveaway).So the past few weeks, I went slightly crazy on the entering giveaways thing. Redhead was one that I glanced over and was a little unsure about, originally having the impression that it would be something akin to the film Legally Blonde. In the end, I entered the giveaway, figuring that the blurb looked interesting and I liked the image on the front cover.Often, with a book, it's the first page or so that makes or breaks it for me. [...]

    • I received this book for free through the First Reads program.Oh wow, where do I start? I loved, loved, loved this book! When I first read about it, I was a bit skeptical as it's not normally something I would read, but it's about redheads and my son is a redhead. Plus, I have a lot of family members with red hair, so I thought I'd give it a go.I am so happy that I decided to read it. It is fast paced and has a very interesting story line. In fact, I would say it's one of the most original stor [...]

    • Blazing redThis fictional novel was something that stood out a mile with not only its somewhat cliché title and striking cover, but also with the most inspired and creative storyline that captured my imagination. Just as redheads attract attention for being distinctively unique so too does this book, being a character-driven tale that is highly memorable. All the characters that the story focuses on have red hair, which is ironic as it leads to something much deeper regarding those individuals [...]

    • I know I'm going against the grain here, but I really, really did not like this book. I only struggled through to the end because I hate leaving books unfinished! To be fair, when I first began reading, I thought I'd really enjoy the story. The location-hopping aspect really appealed to me, and I liked the way the story took place all around the world, from London to Tunisia, Easter Island to Scotland. (For some reason I like stories that involve travelling - I get the same feeling whenever I wa [...]

    • I won this signed book through bookreads, at first when I decided to enter the giveaway I was attracted more by the cover than by the book review (I do pick my books by their covers, if the cover is not appealing to me then I won't read it, even when everyone believes is a great book).This is a good book, is not going to be a great classic, but is an easy read, nicely written and the details of the scenery are nicely describe. At the beginning I was really excited about the characters and the pl [...]

    • I found this to be a well written and interesting book. The plot was amazing and I loved the way the story played out.

    • I'm a redhead who loves thrillers and the supernatural this book sounds really interesting to me! So I hope to win and have the opportunity to read it :D

    • Review to come when I've had a bit more time to collate my thoughts and feelings and right a review that actually sums up the awesomeness that was RedheadI received this as a First-Read.Ok well I've given it some time to settle and I still think wow. Yes at some points this book did seem to have not a lot happening but I think that's because it had so many facts and so much data to give the reader so that the ending would have the full punch that it delivered. I can't remember what I originally [...]

    • I received this book for free through First Reads some time ago. I took it on holiday with me and, during that time, my house flooded. Luckily, the book was with me, and I had actually finished it, but as my life was set off kilter more than a little I have only just found time to review it, based on notes I took at the time.The first thing to say about this book is that the cover is truly stunning. We all know the whole ‘don’t judge a book’ adage and, although I am into the visual arts, [...]

    • Received book as a giveaway! So after finding out that I had won a giveaway by the author Ian Cook, I was truly ecstatic. Winning the Redheads (a signed copy) was an amazing feeling and when I actually received this copy, I found that I couldn't wait to start reading it. I thought the book was amazing, truly amazing and even though it took me a few days to actually start reading it since my head was stuck deep in another authors world, I still found my eyes always slicing back to the books fron [...]

    • Wow. I don't know where to start. I was over the moon when I won a signed copy of Redhead. It felt so personal with the enclosed postcard.The cover of the book is so eye catching and inviting. Very mythical and just hinting at things to come. The first chapter takes you back in time and I got straight in to the story from the first page. It actually gave me goosebumps and I felt part of the story.I couldn't wait to move on and see how things developed. The short chapters were ideal for me as I d [...]

    • Ian Cook's Redhead was an interesting concept, with a storyline I overall enjoyed. Being an archaeology graduate, I was particularly interested in the history and sites that are presented in the novel. Most of the topics dealt with weren't what I majored in, so I'm not sure how accurate the history/interpretation was throughout, but I certainly liked reading it. Many of the settings of the novel are places I've long wanted to visit, so it was almost like reading a travelogue, or something along [...]

    • I was very lucky to receive this signed copy from the author on "First Reads"This book was awesome! I don't think I have come across this kind of plot line. Mr Cook has woven a completely unique/original tale in Redhead. It gives extraordinary detail about the myths across the globe surrounding redheads; with a wonderful slice of horror and adventure on the side. The mythological characters are brought to life within the pages.The story is fast paced with short chapters that really work and keep [...]

    • Having recieved this as a giveaway copy the first thing that struck me was the personalised postcard that came with it, a great bookmark if I do say but also the fact that the author himself had taken the effort to make each book more personal was lovely.I drifted in and out of this story in all honesty due to work and the like but did find it a really nice easy read that I could leave for a bit and still pick up where I left off without trouble.The book got stuck straight into the story which w [...]

    • i recieved this book via a giveway a couple of months ago but have only recently had chance to finish it.I am not a "redhead" myself but it was the title that first drew me to enter the giveway as i was couragous as to its contents.I have to say it is not at all what i expected it to be (in a good way). i enjoyed it more then i thought i would have whilst it provided me with a new and different type of read than i've read before.The characters were realistic and rarely self-centered, like many [...]

    • I received this as part of the Giveaway, the cover itself made me really want to read it (even if we shouldn't judge a book by its cover) and the blurb even more so.This is a really easy book to get into, the fast paced nature of it means you can read over a hundred pages and not even notice. I really liked the pacing and style of writing and felt it really suited the nature of the plot. I think this is definitely the books strongest point, this and the historical detail and influence. It defin [...]

    • I received a signed copy of this book through first reads. At first I wasn't going to bother the title 'Redhead' put me off but I read the details and realised this would be a book that if done right I could really enjoy.And enjoy it I did. I would give the book a 4.5 if the system allowed. It is unusual for me to read a book so quickly but as I got into it instantly and was eager to find out what happened so picked it up every chance I had over a couple of days.The first chapter, set in 1921, [...]

    • SciFi is not really a genre that I read much, and although I have a willing suspension of disbelief, I found several plot elements to be implausible---but, more importantly, I found the character development shallow. I didn't really care about the characters. Rebecca, for all her supposed journalistic drive and supposed "heritage," was largely passive. The love interest was weak-souled, weak-hearted, weak-minded. The presence of the female friend/journalism colleague was convenient at best and s [...]

    • First off, I read this in Kindle format. I mainly got this book just because of the title. I'm a redhead and this book sparked my interest. I have to say, it was well worth buying this book.Rebecca is the main character and is redheaded. She reminds me of myself. Hardheaded, stubborn, independent and doesn't care what other people think are the characteristics we share. I loved the plot. The author did a great job on the research needed to make the plot and myths of redheads come together. I don [...]

    • I was attracted to this title as a redhead myself. The writing was not only intelligent but imaginative - albeit occasionally pushing overboard the boundaries of stretching the imagination. Having said that it is clear the book is well-researched in terms of the mythology and legends related to redheads and threw up a lot of information that I was previously unaware of. Rebecca, the heroine, is a fiesty and fiery individual who has multiple facets and the male lead Jim makes a good counterpart, [...]

    • This book wasn't what I was expecting. I am not sure why; I read the description and it was just as it was described – only way better. In a world where books seem as if they are always about vampires and witches, this book delivered something completely out of that normal. But it was still able to enter into an “other world” that was totally unexpected. It was really refreshing. It had a great story line with great characters to support it. Also, really important to my reading, it didn’ [...]

    • This book started off kind of strange, in that I wasn't sure if the author was trying to be funny or serious about the plight of the red heads. Once I got that settled, the story started getting more enjoyable. The book starts off with Rebecca reflecting about her parents deaths and how she needs to get away and get over them. Then the story of a life time appears. Red heads start getting murdered and disappearing all over the world. As the story unfolds and Rebecca travels from location to loca [...]

    • I received a free copy of this book through First Reads.Despite containing quite a substantial amnount of information about the legends associated with red hair, Redhead manages to be interesting and very readable. The short chapters make it an excellent choice for reading anytime you have a spare few minutes, and I didn't find it too disruptive of the overall flow.One slight niggle I had was that, at times, the characters seemed frustratingly slow to pick up on what was happening. Also the rom [...]

    • I received a copy of this book through First Reads and I am so thrilled that I did as I loved it. I read it commuting to work and the 40 minute journies flew by. I nearly missed my stop a couple of times!It does everything a thriller is supposed to do (and yes it does contain all the usual cliches) but it works brilliantly. Its pace is particular is wonderful with short chapters so that you always feel the story is moving. The writing style is fantastic and in particular its descriptive elements [...]

    • Overall, this was okay. I liked the concept - historical figures travelling through the dimensions to defeat the red-heads they so hate - and I think the overall science behind it was probably true. But, it just wasn't done very well. Rebecca's relationship with her only friend - Syreeta - felt forced, so I felt like she was more of a loner than anything. The timelines didn't really add up, with some much international plane travel happening in short time frames. The prose was too full of adverb [...]

    • I was sent this book from . Originally it was one that I thought my daughter would enjoy reading, however my husband got hold of it first. I finished it in about 1 week. Found the first couple of chapters a bit confusing as there was a lot of information but the storyline soon moved along quite quickly. Loved the lead character Rebecca and wonder if we will be seeing more of her in the future. For those who like bloodthirsty murders-yep there is plenty of that. Also lots of interest in mythical [...]

    • I received this book as a giveaway from and it was a lucky find. The story is fast paced and exciting and I finished reading the novel in a short time as it kept me thoroughly entertained.Ian Cook's writing still is to the point and matter of fact , which took me some time to get used to initially. I think the story would have benefited even more if the prose would have been a little bit more easy flowing and had used slightly longer sentences .But that being said , Redhead is a great read and [...]

    • I received this as a first read.I must admit, it did actually take me a couple of attempts to get started with this book, but once I got past the first couple of chapters I was hooked! The connections with the ancient Egyptian sun worshippers and integration into the other cults was extremely well linked as was the insinuation of redheads being connected to the moon worshippers and the forces of evil.A very well written and gripping book. To be recommended to fans of historical fiction and thos [...]

    • I honestly do not have a clue on how to review this book. But what I can say about it is that this book has been like pretty much all my experiences with redheads, that I've met in person. Start out friendly enough, calm, and easy going. And then it gets weird and yet I'm still fascinated. So best thing I can say about this book is that, if you've ever seen the Syfy channel and some of the over the top like movies on there. Where environmental changes occur that lead to people or animals in natu [...]

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