How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household

How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household Through a mixture of the contemporary and the traditional this book makes for a fascinating personal insight into Judaism Tens of thousands of copies have found their way into homes and libraries A

  • Title: How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household
  • Author: Blu Greenberg
  • ISBN: 9780671602703
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
  • Through a mixture of the contemporary and the traditional, this book makes for a fascinating, personal insight into Judaism Tens of thousands of copies have found their way into homes and libraries A very popular selection for prize and presentations This is the standard work on Judaism and how to live it.

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      Blu Greenberg Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household book, this is one of the most wanted Blu Greenberg author readers around the world.

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    • Truthfully, in spite of all the parts of this book I just don't agree with (namely: she's a bit heavy handed with lumping Conservative/Reform/Reconstructionist together, she calls herself a feminist but doesn't show it in her writing except in passive agressive comments here and there, the book is written really to a specific crowd of financially well off East Coast Orthodox Jews), this is in my opinion the best and most accessible 'how-to' book that I've read to date. Greenberg's personal persp [...]

    • I LOVED this book. Blu Greenberg is an incredible writer who clarifies the tiny everyday details of observant life that sometimes get left out by other authors, leaving those of us without a religious upbringing missing important aspects of daily observance. This is by far the most detailed book regarding household observance; I unfortunately think that the promotion of books authored by men tends to crowd out fantastic female scholarship such as this. Greenberg perfectly balances the emotional [...]

    • I'm a Presbyterian minister of quarter-Jewish descent with, obviously, a strong interest in Judaism. I'm far from a specialist, so I don't have much to add to the conversation here other than my personal impressions. On the positive side, this book is a good read, highly accessible. It gives a very clear and beautiful window into the Greenbergs' household practices of Judaism. You can almost taste the food, see the candles, etc. But, as some others have noted, having read similar Orthodox source [...]

    • Greenberg's book is written from the perspective of a Modern Orthodox housewife, a unique viewpoint even among practicing Jews. However, her humor, use of personal anecdotes and flexible viewpoints make this book accessible to any person, Jewish or not, practicing or not, Orthodox or not. This book is lengthy because she goes into great detail about Jewish day-to-day life and what it means to live as a Traditional Jew and all the rituals, practices, traditions, etc. that demands. She does not go [...]

    • This book was handed down to me from my mother, and she received it as a wedding gift from her Rebbetzin. Blu Greenberg writes from a female perspective on religious observance, gives you concise explanations of Jewish observances, and is your comic relief. Hide from the kiddies; Blu's pretty candid about the traditional Jewish view of marital relations. Also full of recipes and a guide for young ladies that answers all your embarrassing questions you're too shy to ask a Rav: niddah, yikhud, sha [...]

    • I read this years ago for a college class and I still remember how insightful she was on her thoughts on the Sabbath.

    • I read this book on Yom Kippur because it seemed the best time to do it, and I do highly recommend that.While the edition I had is from the late 80s and I would definitely like to see it updated as some parts of changed way more than others (I'm not sure if there's a newer one), it was on the whole a fine enough book to read. Some parts I skimmed as they don't apply to me now or I'd never remember all the intricacies of preparing for these holidays by the time they roll about or I simply don't f [...]

    • I have certain differences in hashkafa with Mrs. Greenberg, such as whether or not it's permissible for an Orthodox Jew to eat in a non-kosher establishment. She ignores the issue of morris ayan (that someone who's seeing a visibly Orthodox Jew, such as a woman with a sheitel or other "Jewish type" haircovering may think that the restaurant is kosher, and eat there. Besides which, in her neighborhood of Riverdale there are plenty of kosher establishments. There are certain heterim when one is ou [...]

    • An interesting read, dense with information. The problem is, you can never really tell who Greenberg considered her audience to be. On the one hand, her references to holidays, rituals and bits of Hebrew are oblique enough that one must guess she intends her book to be a how-to for the most Observant of Jews, ones who know off hand how much time passes between Pesach and Shavuot and the importance of abstaining from sex when a woman is considered "niddah." On the other hand, many of her tips see [...]

    • I'm not Jewish, and even though this book is specifically geared towards Jewish households, it still strengthened my own faith as well as helped me find ways to deepen my level of commitment to living my faith within the walls of my own home. As a Christian (Latter-day Saint), I feel a special kinship and bond with the Jewish people, and Greenberg's descriptions of several of their holidays and other practices helped me understand the history and meaning behind several of our own LDS traditions. [...]

    • In the end, I ended up deciding that this book really serves the purpose of a reference book more than it is anything else. It is engagingly written and a good source for modern takes on traditional practice, though far more traditional than I, personally, have any desire to be.

    • I continue to be very impressed with this book, and find myself coming back to it almost daily since buying it a month ago. It is a wonderful reference tool, and I definitely recommend this to anyone interested in how an Orthodox household is run.

    • I read this for a religions class I took at BYU (religion in the home). I loved how this author was able to describe and explain how a jewish home is run in an entertaining and, at time, humorous way. I really enjoyed reading it for the class.

    • I loved the way that she writes this book. It's almost like she is talking to you, instead of writing a book. Very interesting information as well.

    • The definitive guide for any Bal Tsuvah or Convert to Judaism. Mrs. Greenberg's guide is easy to read, understand, and enjoy.

    • I've read this book three times and each time I find more little tidbits that I can apply to my life and find meaningful. I suggest this book to anyone thinking about becoming more religious.

    • Love this book. As soon as I get my books back from storage, this will go on my bedside shelf as it is good to dip into.

    • Coming from a non-jewish household, this book was very insightful about the daily and holiday workings of a Modern Orthodox Jewish life. The book brought up many discussions around the dinner table.

    • This is an incredible resource on Jewish life. My Orthodox Jewish neighbor in London was amazed by it. She said it was very accurate.

    • Blu Greenberg has a really entertaining writing style, and it's a great book to learn about how Orthodox Jewish families live. Loved it!

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